Scaling Safe Water Business Model for Sustainable Access to Water

Everyone knows there will be scarcity in water coming decades. Overall lack of access to safe water is not the only challenge. Also the uneven distribution of safe water results in the fact that the poor have currently the highest costs to get safe water and current approaches are unlikely to reach the goal to safe water in 2030.  There is a clear need for new channels and mechanisms at scale.

We are happy to share more insights into the dynamics of providing access to safe water in developing countries. Please find attached the summary and findings of an in-depth study in to 14 safe water enterprises in developing countries. Including Jibu (Africa), 1001 Fontaines (Cambodia), DLO Haiti, Safe Water Network and others. It shares best practices and challenges in the route to scale these ventures.

Our impact theme is creating sustainable jobs in Africa, so people can improve their standard of living. We’ve been asked to accelerate growth in ventures providing safe water. By bundling forces of likeminded funders of this model we spur growth on company and sector level by tapping into joint resources, expertise and knowledge. Funders include: Danone Communities, Stone Family Fund, CN Hilton Foundation, Osprey Family Fund and Aqua for All. 

Early 2017 we handed over the project management of this collaboration to the director of Aqua for All and Danone Communities, to have more time for portfolio management. If you want to connect with this group of funders, please send an email to info

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