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We supported disruptive entrepreneurs in all sectors. Key is they contribute to job creation and have a positive effect on climate. See below a selection of our activities

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Collaboration of Like Minded Investors

Initiated collaboration between (venture philanthropy) investors of the water kiosk business model. Other investors joined.

Key results:

Align on collaboration to move the sector forward.
Align on terminology and definitions (talk the same language)
Agree on a deep dive study into 14 portfolio companies of the investors
Managed the multi client research (including selection of the company to execute the research) on a day to day basis + aligning with the investor teams
Share lessons learned and share the collective knowledge with the outside world
Inform sector, governments, donors, funders, suppliers about sector developments and the opportunities in scaling this business model

After the research: investors worked together in screening & investing

The collaboration included one pension fund (Danone), 3 family offices (Stone, Osprey & Hilton) and one NGO (Aqua for All).

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Investment funds & Family Offices

• Provide domain expertise for climate related investments

• Support in sourcing deals, market research, financial analysis

• Due diligence in tandem with MDs

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Multi Year Seed Accelerators

Lead the development for multi-year seed accelerator for ventures with innovative business models in water, faecal sludge circular economy and solid waste (100-200k EUR per venture + business support)

Initiated and lead the development & execution of accelerator program for urban water challenges



The project supports aQysta in closing the funding gap that exists before raising private investment and specifically supports piloting of different business models envisaged by aQysta. Within the project aQysta pilots sales of pumps via distribution partners and also pilots different financing mechanisms for the end user to distribute the upfront costs of the product over life-time. The project supports with working capital for maintaining inventory for sales through distributors and provides with capital to pilot different financing mechanisms.

The project is part of introduction, validation and preparation for scale of aQysta’s innovative waterwheel propelled water pumps that do not require any fuel or electricity to operate.

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Provides a quality, cost- effective and sustainable way of farming which saves up to 80% of water used in crop production compared to conventional farming.

Support in development of low cost hydroponics equipment, testing and scaling (design of standardized units). Provided saying strategy and helped to secure 850k USD funding (grant & investor). Support in preparing the company to scale (team, process, sales strategy, business plan, etc)

Advisory board.



Provides the Ethiopian population to access the following services using their mobile phones:

BelCash is major share holder in HelloSolar, expanding off-grid energy accessibility in Ethiopia

Other related companies include:

Health advice (HelloDoctor)
Market access (HelloMarket / HelloGebeya)
Labour market access (HelloJobs / HelloSera)
Legal advice (HelloLawyer / HelloTebeka)
Mobile Trade service (HelloBroker/ HelloDelela)
Financial Inclusion (HelloCash)

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Farmerline connects small-scale farmers to information services, products, and resources to improve their incomes and currenlty reaches 200,000 farmers in 8 African countries

Mergdata, Farmerline’s proprietary technology, provides information services to farmers to increase crop outputs