Hydroponics Kenya is the pioneer initiator of hydroponic farming technology Africa, a quality, cost- effective and sustainable way of farming. Hydroponic farming entails growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water thus reducing the need for soil. Their modern and innovative farming technology is resilient to climate change and provides superior nutritional value and faster growth at limited cost of input. The system saves up to 80% of water use for farming. Founder of Hydroponics Peter Chege reflects on the support provided by Africa Funded:

“We got valuable support to develop and validate our business model. Based on a gap analysis to get ready to scale after pilot stage, we’ve been advised to investigate a credit/lease model to make the products more affordable and we developed All inclusive hydroponics services, which in turn enabled us to secure $500,000 grant of USAID to develop this business model. Thereafter we were approached by an investor providing a 350k USD convertible loan. I feel that hydroponics Africa could not have attained those milestone were it not for valuable advice and encouragement from Saskia.We hope she will continue to offer us such advice in the years to come"

Hydroponics Kenya is a beyond break-even and we currently support the team in expanding in Kenya and Rwanda. Read more http://hydroponicskenya.com

President of Kenya impressed by Hydroponics Kenya