April 1st: Invest in Forestry, Landscapes & Forest Friendly Agriculture. For Profit, Impact & Scale.

To mitigate climate change we need to take global catalyzing actions, we believe that joining forces and sharing expertise in finding a solution is essential to deep decarbonization. Investing in climate forestry and agriculture contributes to carbon capture and conservation of ecosystems.

April 1st I Amsterdam
Climate Friendly Investing in Forestry, Landscapes & Agri 
Meet Likeminded Investors. Share. Connect

We go beyond the WHY question to invest. It is about HOW.

Participants include FMO, NewForests, Maris (teak & tea) Common Fund for Commodities, GreenSafaris, Futuro Forestal, Wageningen University, Dutch Government Dutch Space Office (geo data) and HNWI & Familly Offices with 2-10 years experience in investing in forestry/landscapes & forest friendly agriculture and supply chains.

Topics: Develop scalable pipeline / blended finance, REDD+ Carbon Income, favorable tax regulations, sound business models to engage local population in conservation and other topics. Keep an eye on the blog for latest program.

Limited seats, request an invite: Saskia@climatecircle.nl.  

About the organizers:

Saskia Reus: 19 years of business strategy experience, of which the past 9 years focus on Africa (& Asia). Hands-on experience in developing and implementing business models addressing lowering greenhouse gas emissions, climate-resilient water supply and sanitation, climate resilient food security and poverty reduction. Saskia brings relevant experience in convening meetings and bundling forces of like-minded investors. Founder of Climate Circle www.climatecircle.nl (and Africa Funded). Member of impact investor networks. Leads the activities of Decarbonized in Europe, together with Fiona & James. 

This event is organized in partnership with Decarbonized:

Fiona Banister: 20+ years of global experience. Fiona is known for her in-depth expertise in climate-related investments, micro-finance, impact investing and alliances with vital groups working in creating solutions. Fiona is a Toniic.com impact investor member with the other organizers. She is involved with fintech for “good”, www.ethernom.com,  soil, www.soileos.com, oceans www.oceaneos.org and forestry. Co-Founder for Decarbonized.org and coordinated prior event in San Francisco.

James Magowan:  Since 2000, dedicated investor and investment banker with a strong focus on projects aligned with Deep Decarbonization, Inclusive Housing and Finance. Co-Founder for Decarbonized.org, James is a Director at Merchants National Properties

We wish to thank Greenberg Traurig, for offering us a lovely location, food & beverage