Deep dive into the decentralized water business model

Africa Funded manages the seed accelerator program of Aqua for All, a Dutch NGO focusing on increasing access to water (EUR 25 million AUM). Africa Funded’s CEO Saskia Reus managed and co-authored an in-depth study executed by Dalberg to identify opportunities and barriers to scale these companies and the sector.

Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs) provide a modular, decentralised approach to delivering safely treated drinking water in the developing world. SWEs are seen as one of the most scalable solutions to reach access to water (SDG6).

Within the seed accelerator of Aqua for All’s contribute to scaling the water kiosk business models was one of the objectives. Therefor we reached out to partners and bundled forces with like minded investors. The portfolio of these partners includes the 14 leading companies of decentralized water services in developing countries with a reach of 3 mio people. To support acceleration of the individual portfolio companies and the sector, partners bundeld forces and executed a multi client research into their portfolio companies and global developments.

Key findings from the research managed and co-authored by Africa Funded’s CEO Saskia Reus (with Dalberg) can be found here.