Funding Entrepreneurial Solution for Basic Infrastructure

We’re happy to announce that Aqua for All will support the validation of a business model for Nexus Centers. A concept developed by Water Tech Trading and Trunz Water Systems AG that will increase access to safe water and energy. Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas, providing basic necessities and creating inclusive growth for the community itself. The Nexus Centers will be located in areas where the water quality is contaminated with bacteria and  arsenic and where the electricity grid is unreliable. Africa Funded facilitates the incubator program for innovative solutions for the BoP on behalf of Aqua for All.

Swiss Bluetech Bridge, an initiative by the Swiss Development Cooperation, has financed three centers, that are up and running since September 2014. A thorough feasibility study financed by WWF Switzerland has been conducted amongst 947 households and 60 experts in October 2014 to identify the potential of Nexus Centers and their location. Katina Gikas, Founder Water Tech Trading: “With money secured from Aqua For All we can  increase the scope of the project to another 5 Nexus Centers to validate the business model for further up scaling.”
To provide safe water in remote and poor areas requires innovative models. Pioneer firms typically have problems finding external funding during the validation and preparation stages of their innovative business models. Investors are reluctant or do usually not finance pilots; pioneer firms can’t pay for a pilot. Saskia Reus-Makkink, Business Incubation Manager for Aqua for All: “We want to solve this catch 22 situation by supporting the entrepreneur to validate the business model. We reduce risk not only by funding a pilot, but also with access to knowledge and expertise and the network of Aqua for All and its partner WASTE in building local value chains in water and sanitation”
Katina Gikas: “We strongly believe that with an innovative business model, which supports local entrepreneurs, and private capital, we can contribute to sustainable economic development of communities in Nepal”