BelCash Mobile Banking Ethiopia

Belcash is an international company based in the Netherlands. Its core business is the designing of automated solutions for mainly financial services by using the combination of infrastructures such as World Wide Web and Mobile Telephone.


Belcash Technology Solutions PLC (BCTS) is an Ethiopian based company owned by Belcash international. BCTS has obtained the necessary VAS licenses from Ministry of ICT and signed an agreement with Ethio-telecom to provide a new approach to the Ethiopian marketfor interaction between end users and their mobile or online devices with main focus on the banking and payment services, health and education.


HelloCash is the number #1 mobile and agent banking (mobile money) service in Ethiopia provided by banks and micro finances.

HelloCash allows you to do financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone. It is convenient, efficient, fast, secure, and operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The service is currently provided by three major financial institutions; Lion International Bank S.C. Cooperative Bank Oromia S.C. and Somali Micro Finance Institution S.C.

HelloCash is the,fastest and most reliable way of sending money to family and friends instantly. And it can be done any time day or night from the convenience of your mobile phone