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UNESCO-IHE VIA Water Program chooses Africa Funded TO Train African Pioneers

VIA Water Innovation Challenge

This summer, VIA Water will start a brand new approach, geared towards finding ánd developing the best possible solutions for water problems in African cities. This approach, entitled the VIA Water Innovation Challenge, is a virtual acceleration programme in which participants will follow a six weeks course packed with coaching, workshops and individual guidance to bring their ideas to the next level. Participants will learn about VIA Water, the market, business proposal writing, finances, risks and challenges, and they will receive technical feedback on their idea.

The VIA Water Innovation Challenge will be organised in cooperation with Africa Funded, which develops coaching programs to support entrepreneurs in Africa in their growth.  The mission of Africa Funded is to create jobs in Africa and enable people to increase their standards of living. The organisation has extensive experience with developing accelerator programmes such as this.

Africa Funded founder Ms. Saskia Reus-Makkink: 'The Virtual acceleration programs are a proven concept to support innovators to develop solid and fundable (business) plans. Via a virtual acceleration program high potential innovators are provided with in-depth expert advice and increase the opportunity to further develop their innovation with sound project plans and increased access to finance'.

She explains what the added value for participants is: 'This program enables participants to get insight into how to develop a solid project proposal for their innovation and benefit from advice from professional business coaches, experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. An important element of the program is peer-to-peer support: working and sharing experiences with other people going through the same challenges makes a big difference'.

For VIA Water, there are also several clear benefits. The accelerator provides the opportunity to learn more about the applicant of the VIA Water Fund, as we work closely together. Through this approach, we will be able to receive more thorough proposals. Also, by experiencing the process a participant goes through close by, we will be able to learn about and evaluate our programme as well - which means that if necessary, we will be able to adjust the procedures accordingly.

The Innovation Challenge is being developed as we speak; more information will follow the coming months. Keep an eye on our (soon to be brand new) website!



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