Educational Event: Catalyze Actions and Collaborations to Invest in Forestry For Impact, Profit and Scale.

Impact investing in forestry evidently contributes to carbon capture and the conservation of ecosystems. So why not more investments in forestry and forest friendly agriculture? Challenges we face are:

  • Investors lack information and network 

  • Lessons learned from first movers are not yet publicly available

  • Actors need each other to develop a fundable and scalable pipeline 

  • Too little is known about land rights and revenue streams

By bringing together investors and experts, openly discussing information and lessons learned, Climate Circle, in collaboration with Decarbonized, have taken the first hurdle of overcoming these challenges. 
The educational event gathered international and local experts, investors, and government officials for a series of in-depth sessions and panel discussions on investing into the sustainable forest, climate-friendly forestry, forest friendly value chains, invest or disinvest in challenging markets, soil recovery.. Attendees learned how blended finance, risk mitigation, satellite imagery, REDD+, and legal structures can enhance the deployment of capital at scale.

If you want to learn more about the expertise shared, suggest a topic for a next event,  or love to learn how we were able to organize this in just three weeks let me know! 

Saskia Reus-Makkink