Solid business model prevented botanical garden to become construction area. Leon Botanical Garden now receives 2000 visitors per week and is a profitable parc.

Legon Botanical Garden, Accra. Supported business plan for startup capital

Climate Circle supports companies and investors in developing scalable business models tackling global issues. We focus on climate adaptation with an inclusive lens. We support investors, financiers and companies to design, validate and scale innovative business models and investment strategies. We focus on forestry, landscapes, conservation, regenerative agriculture, climate resilient food security, circulair economy models and climate-resilient water supply.

The world needs innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle complex issues. And despite its social promise and the huge demand for solutions, companies face a daunting set of challenges:

• poor infrastructure

• customers with limited ability to pay

• the challenges of attracting talented managers

• and non-existent supply chains.

You need to tackle these issues all together, so as entrepreneur and investor you want a sparring partner with a vast understanding and network to solve these issues.

Based on more than a decade of experience in supporting entrepreneurs in developing business models to solve global issues. Climate Circle is able to source, screen and select promising businesses and guide them through the process of design and scaling sustainable business models.

Connecting investors in pioneering areas and share lessons learned is one of the ways to get investors and investment opportunities to the next level.

What other say about our recent event in “sustainable investing in forestry, for impact, profit and scale”:

"Thank you for organizing this event. Fascinating and diverse mix of actors where I have gained contacts that are relevant for our future plans" Frank Nagel - Rabo Partnerships

"We were delighted to participate in the event and got a lot of content to expand our systemic view to investing in the sector. I liked specifically the presentations about land rights, satélites and taxes, which open up the scope." Private Investor

"The programme was filled with valuable presentations covering a wide variety of subjects and perspectives related to forestry investments that were just as diverse as the people present. By that, it created multiple new synergies and I look forward to a follow-up for more in-depth conversations and the development of new ideas and solutions together " Annerieke Sleurink - FSC Nederland.

“The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) actively stimulates the development and use of services based on satellite data, to bring the benefits of space to society. The event was an opportunity to share that all stakeholders, including investors and local people, need to have access to objective and consistent information.” Space solutions help to address issues of land degradation, deforestation, desertification, land productivity, and carbon stocks.” Ruud Grim and Elise van Tilborg - Netherlands Space Office

Customers and organizations we support:

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The team has provided extreme added value to our desk as well as to co-funding partners in supporting our funding decisions with gap analysis, screening of enterprise and entrepreneur, with focus on capability for accelerated scaling.

The team of senior experts covering a broad field of experience is able to provide customized business support tracks to entrepreneurs and to match that with multi-year seed capital providers and accelerator-funds, impact investors and donor funds. For us Africa Funded (Climate Circle), led by Saskia Reus, built the business incubator functionality into our fund structure to bridge the gap to scale for start-ups, early stage entrepreneurs and small& growing businesses.”

Sjef Ernes – Director Aqua for All

”Africa Funded drastically improved the number and more important - the quality of the pipeline of promising innovators to our fund. It is not easy to guide promising pioneers through the process from having a smart idea to a full scale proposal. Saskia and her team managed however. With a continuous effort and endless energy they provided hands-on support and networking opportunities, boosting the skills of the participants. The intensive coaching from local and international professionals was tailor made to our needs of our fund.
— Titia Wouter-Slis - Program Director VIA Water UNESCO-IHE


Aqua for All focuses on increasing access to water and sanitation for the poor. € 20 mln AUM. We support with deal sourcing, screening, portfolio management and development. Represent A4A in board meetings of the ventures. Advice A4A to use funding as catalytic first loss to attract more funders in this sector. Developed strategic partnership with leading funders in water kiosk business model. Manage multiclient research (Dalberg) to bring water kiosk sector to next level.


UNESCO-IHE VIA Water program (€ 10 mln AUM) focusses on improving urban water issues. We doubled the pipeline of the fund in the first year in just 6 weeks by organizing an accelerator and tapping into our networks (summer 2015). This is a high risk fund aiming at increasing the number of urban water related innovations. We currently support a selection of the ventures to get ready to scale.

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The Smart Water for Agriculture Program in Kenya is a € 6 mln, 4 year program aiming at increased water productivity in agriculture and increased income and food security through the development of a dynamic and sustainable ‘Smart Water Solutions’ (SWS) sector in Kenya, adequately serving small and medium-sized entrepreneurial (SME) farmers. The target is to increase water productivity by 20% for 20,000 SME farmers (at least 50% women), for them to have secured water access for production and become more resilient to climate change. We support in deal sourcing, selection and will run 2 accelerators (pioneers + scale up proven technologies) in 2017 and 2018. Program partners: SNV, Aqua for All, MetaMeta, Practica and KIT Tropical institute. Funded by the Dutch Embassy in Kenya.