Africa Funded has in depth experience in supporting pioneers to launch their innovative business ideas in developing countries. We provided feedback on business plans to more than 250 innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs in Africa.





Promoting low cost and sustainable farming without soil, Hydroponics increases access to safely grown food and increases production. Supporting people to build their own low cost, locally sourced hydroponic units, their business model focuses on fertilizer sales. Hydroponics installed 567 hydroponics units and trained over 5,000 people on hydroponics since 2012 and is a profitable company. We currently support them in scaling up for which the entrepreneur was able to secure 850k USD funding. 

Hydroponics efficiently produces animal feeds. With a greenery of 8 by 4 meters, 10 cows are fed continuously.

Hydroponics efficiently produces animal feeds. With a greenery of 8 by 4 meters, 10 cows are fed continuously.



Water Tech Trading participated in the Aqua Acellerator managed by Africa Funded. We supported the entrepreneur to validate the business model. The company developed an innovative Kiosk Model, solar-powered, removing toxics like arsenic, with multiple revenue streams. Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas, providing basic necessities and creating inclusive growth for the community itself. The Nexus Centers will be located in areas where the water quality is contaminated with bacteria and arsenic and where the electricity grid is unreliable. In March 2015 the company’s € 590k pilot was co-funded, summer 2015 € 400k additional capital was unlocked. Currently rolling out pilot by implementing 10 kiosks (franchise model).

Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas

Nexus Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas


MELLOWCABS - South Africa

Melowcabs participated in an accelerator program Africa Funded managed for VC4Africa in 2014. We supported them with feedback and finetuning of their business model and financial forecasts and preparation of their pilot. A Mellowcab is a fully electric minicab designed to provide an efficient on-demand taxi service in urban areas. Given that Mellowcabs emit zero carbon emissions, they are eco-friendly and much more efficient than traditional cabs. The system has dual income sources: passenger fares, (more affordable option than traditional cabs) and selling advertising space on, and in the vehicles - advertising on Mellowcab vehicles has proven to be very powerful and lucrative. The cabs are manufactured in South Africa, and hold full international road-worthy status. All vehicles are also equipped with on-board tablet computers, which offer an interactive experience to the passenger. - http://www.mellowcabs.com/

MellowCabs profiled in Forbes Africa as One of Seven Innovative Products From Africa You Should Know

MellowCabs profiled in Forbes Africa as One of Seven Innovative Products From Africa You Should Know



Arusha Wonem Entrepreneur participated in an accelerator program Africa Funded managed for VC4Africa in 2013. Arusha Women Entrepreneur is a social enterprise operating in the Tanzanian cities of Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. It started production 2008 and produces natural peanut butter containing exceptionally low levels of aflatoxins under the brand Mr. Peanut Butter, made with quality groundnuts that are slowly roasted/ground with no artificial sweetness or preservative. The company supplies its products to retailers such as retail shops, supermarkets and vendors in 5 regions in Tanzania. Starting with a few outlets for its products, the company now supplies more than 40 outlets, 20 supermarket chains among them. The company trains and employs women in the production and marketing of the Mr. Peanut Butter products as well as educating and training over 1,000 smallholder farmers on food security, climate change, good agricultural practices and aflatoxin management. Its current operations secure the incomes of 200 peanut farmers, their families and those of their employees with supply orders. In March 2015 the company won the SEED Award certificate from UNEP

Aflotoxine free peanut butter produced by women and youth in Tanzania

Aflotoxine free peanut butter produced by women and youth in Tanzania



Farmerline participated in an accelerator program Africa Funded managed for VC4Africa. Farmerline Ltd tackles smallholder farmers’ challenges by bridging their information gap through the use of mobile technology. The company provides three service lines. Outbound messaging provides personalized voice alerts that communicate critical information related to price, weather and farming techniques. Mobile surveys allow farmer-based organizations to conduct surveys to capture the impact of their interventions. The company’s support line gives farmers direct access to expert advice. All of the company’s services are offered via SMS, and Android as well as voice-based messaging service to help reach farmers with low literacy levels. Furthermore, all content is provided in local languages. Farmerline provides critical market information to Ghana’s small-scale farmers, which helps them increase their yields by adopting improved farming practices. The company’s customers, many of whom are women, ultimately benefit from increased income.  Farmerline envisions a reach of 500,000 farmers in West Africa by 2019. Read more.






SLEEPOUT.COM - The AirBnB of Africa - Kenya - an e-commerce booking service that assists travelers in obtaining discounted rates for accommodation in hotels, private homes, apartments, castles, boats, tree houses, and other unique properties. At the beta launch in 2012 the platform listed 1500 properties for rent throughout East Africa. SleepOut.com now offers 9,000 accommodation options in 70+ countries. The service has been winners at Pivot East awards 2013, been selected among the Top 50 Startup at Web Summit 2013 and been named as 1 of 14 Startups to watch in 2014 by CNN. - https://sleepout.com/


KARIBU SOLAR POWER - Tanzania/Canada - making high quality solar power accessible at the price of kerosene with a modular solar lamp (solar panel + rechargeable battery + light). The company won many awards: United Nations SEED Award Winner, Bata Legacy Award, Cornerstone International Award, Top 4 African Enterprise at IndiAfrica, Principality of Monaco's The EDGE Award. - http://www.karibusolar.com/


DUMA WORKS – Kenya - a leading job placement and professional development company, specializing in short term, entry level, and middle management jobs in Kenya. Since 2012, hundreds of employers all over Kenya have used DUMA Works. Currently over 14,000 job seekers in the database and matched over 3,000. Over 250 employers all over Kenya use Duma Works. - https://dumaworks.com/


BASIC WATER NEEDS – Netherlands / India - Over the last 10 years, Basic Water Needs has supplied its water filters to more than 2,000,000 people worldwide, offering safe and sustainable drinking water products that are simple to use and last for thousands of liters. The company has committed to distribute its low-cost Tulip Table Top water filters to more than 540,000 Malawians by 2018. In Blantyre, Malawi’s second largest city, full-time employment was already achieved for 10 women and the company plans to train more than 100 women entrepreneurs. Basic Water Needs projects that the initiative will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 150,000 tons. In addition to scaling up regionally, Basic Water Needs is starting a similar initiative in Ethiopia. And there are plans to replicate the initiative in other countries, including Indonesia and the Philippines, by 2018. - http://www.basicwaterneeds.com/ 


GHANA GREEN COAST COMPANY - Netherlands/Ghana - The Ghana Green Coast Company (GGCC) offers second homes with an innovative global concept. GGCC’s technology provides critical advantages over water and energy consumption and cost in built environment compared to other firms. Key strategic alliances/partnerships have been formed with multiple companies in Ghana and The Netherlands. The team has over 22 years experience in renewable energy integrated built environment and has been involved in landmark hotel and villa park projects in Europe and Africa. - http://www.ggccnet.com/


GLOBA.LI – USA 2013 - Launched in 2013, Denver-based company Globa.li is a new business-to-business reservations platform for boutique hotels, starting in Africa. Globa.li creates a marketplace whereby distributors can: discover new packagers and hotels, manage business relationships, and ensure much faster close rates with travelers. - https://www.globa.li/ 


BELCASH - Netherlands/Ethiopia – Belcash’s core business is the designing of automated solutions for mainly financial services by using the combination of infrastructures such as the Internet and mobile phones. The company has obtained the necessary VAS licenses from the Ministry of ICT and signed an agreement with Ethio-telecom to provide a new approach to the Ethiopian market for interaction between end users and their mobile or online devices with main focus on the banking and payment services, health and education. HelloCash is the number #1 mobile and agent banking (mobile money) service in Ethiopia provided by banks and micro finances. From 2013 onwards Belcash partners with financial institution Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, mobile money services provider M-BIRR and financial institution Zemen Bank\'s z-Birr to offer mobile banking services in Ethiopia. - http://www.hellocash.et/belcash


PENDA HEALTH - Kenya/2012 - Penda Health builds a chain of outpatient affordable Medical Centers in Kenya. Launched in 2012, the company set up very successful and well respected Medical Centers in Nairobi, Kitengela and Umoja. As of March 2013, Penda had initiated 3 mobile clinics to reach patients farther away from their clinic. As of September 2014 Penda Health had 2 operational health centers and 1 clinic – the company eventually aims to open 1 center per month, targeting to open over fifty clinics/centers in East Africa over the next five years. - http://www.pendahealth.com/index.php/about-penda-health


BUNI MEDIA - Kenya/2009 - Buni Media was founded in 2009 as the production vehicle for The XYZ Show, its first television project. Since then it has grown into a multimedia company with offices in Nairobi and Los Angeles. It employs 88 people. Buni Studios produce innovative film and television projects that aim to entertain and inspire. Its film studio is fully operational and equipped with built-in sets and green screens. Buni Media is a producer and distributor (via its digital platform Buni.tv) of innovative African multimedia content. The XYZ Show after 5 years reached a monthly audience of 10 million loyal fans in Kenya and abroad. - http://bunimedia.com/ 


KIRO'O GAMES - Cameroon/2003 - Kiro'o Games is a game studio in Central Africa creating a new narrative. In 2014 its first international videogame was released and became an instant success: Aurion 1.0, The Legacy of Kori-Odan. Since then Kiro Games is working on developing further games. In 2015 Kiro'o Games announced the closing of its investment funds of US$220,000. The rank of “second African studio with high potential” was awarded to the studio by the IT NEWS AFRICA web site in January 2014; Kiro’o Games appeared in the top 25 companies having high development prospects in 2014. - http://kiroogames.com/


RETHINK EDUCATION - South Africa - Rethink Education's digital education platform uses mobile chat to deliver short, interactive lessons that are fun and effective. The company buils online eduction platforms and is dedicated to giving everyone access to education, anywhere, all the time. Over 200,000 high school children are using the platform to master Maths and Science. 87% of users said Rethink helped them increase their Maths mark. - http://rethinkeducation.co.za/


M-CHANGA - Kenya/2012 - For centuries, Kenyans and Africans have raised money for lifestyle needs through in-home / in -person fundraising. M-Changa provides a complete and trusted mobile / online fundraising management solution. January 2015, 3,140+ fundraisers were initiated with 18,454 supporters, and 8,362+ donations were made raising USD180,000+. M-Changa charges all-inclusive fees of 4.25% of funds raised. M-Changa fundraisers aim to account for USD 65m annually - 1% of the total annual Kenyan philanthropic market in Kenya - by 2017.